Industry-Specific Components:

  • Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Pump -Casing, Cover, Shaft, Bearing Housings, Impeller, Bracket, Rotor, Idler Gear,  Shaft, Adapter,
  • Valve - Valve Body, Steam, Cap, Disc, Plate, Gland
  • Food and Beverage  - Knife, Transfer Turret Brush, Guide, Cap, Spacer, Key, Bracket, Screw, Pillow Block,  Roller, Frame,
  • Home Siding - Roller, Forming Die, Shaft, Sprocket, Guarding, Packaging Table
  • Circuit Board - Pin, Roller, Copper Fixturing
  • Data Server Center - Server cabinets, Enclosures
  • Heat Exchanger Manufacturing - Tube Sheet
  • Safety Equipment - Testing Electrode, Platform, Machine guarding, Vent, Equipment Guarding, Aisle Guarding

industries we serve 

Designed and Manufactured at our facility in Elk Grove Village, IL USA.